Starlight Light




Let your home shine with the Ethical Saving Starlight!

The light arrives at your place in a simple letter instead of a package in order to reduce the carbon footprint. The material is recycled wood.

Once you assembled the light it will create a warm feeling. If you send it as a gift to your friends happiness is pretty much guaranteed.

Especially in the upcoming winter using candles is a new way to help protect our power grid. Order the light now in order to improve your home, impress your friends and save electricity!

Made by Award Winning Designers

Our products are made by the best designers, star architects and by using state-of-th-art technologies

Minimised carbon footprint

We design our products so they can be shipped in a simple letter instead of a package. We are also exclusively using MDF recycled wood material.

Decade of Experience

Our team combined has a decade of experience in product development as well as product design.

Your tea light holder brand


An elastic bands below the platform is stabilising the structure.

Products with Love

Our team puts their love and mindfulness into creating unique functional, aesthetic and environment friendly designs

 Great Presents

Our tea-light products are all shipped in a simple letter. Just buy a 10 pack of them and be ready for any birthday any time. Just go to your box with the letters and have a guaranteed unique and quality gift that will spell a smile on your friends face!

The Ethical Saving Light embodies confidence, power and the character of having a clear resolution. Like a real queen it captures your attention – taking space around it with its shadows. Shadows that look like the crown of a queen.


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